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Taster Workshops

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If this sounds like you, one of our taster workshops would be a great place to start.

Foundations of Success Workshop

  • Would you like more time and greater profitability?
  • Would you like to have greater control of your work life and more focus?
  • Are you feeling stressed and struggling with work/life balance?


The LMI Foundations of Success Workshop introduces the concepts and practical tools that have been used to help many thousands of organisations (& countless individuals!) realise more of their true potential.

Warning: This is no exercise in ivory-tower management theory : ideas that sound great in a training room but have no value back in the real world of getting important work done. If you’re interested in making practical steps forward in how you manage yourself and your interaction with others – sometimes it’s the 1% changes that make the difference –  this is for you! The Foundations of Success Workshop is all about sharing great ideas and putting practical tools in your hands that will help you and your team be more effective and productive in your work. We absolutely love that this is exactly the feedback we keep on getting from those who attend!

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Next workshop dates are:

20th October, Captains Club, Wick Ferry, Christchurch, to make a booking:

26th October, Swindon, SN5 7UN, to make a booking:

Having recently attended the Foundations for Success seminar I can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to re-focus not only their business goals and habits but their personal ones too.


Whilst there was a lot of information to take away from the seminar it didn’t take the form of a lecture.  Instead it was delivered as an interactive workshop allowing participants to reflect on and share their own experiences.  This opened up some interesting and thought-provoking discussions.


“I have always considered myself to be a highly organised person, but I now realise that my time can be spent more effectively by following some of the principles we covered during the workshop.  I came away feeling more motivated about my business and my personal life with a clear direction on how I can achieve my goals. Thank you.”
Sharon Sacofsky The Business Network South Herts

“I found the Foundations of Success workshop by Sue Benoke and Hayley Grigor highly engaging and packed full of practical information that I can implement immediately to make my business more effective and efficient.  It was very thought-provoking and also a lot of fun!  I liked the idea of applying the same principles to my personal goals as I do to my business goals – treating them with the same respect.

My main take home messages were : the huge benefits of planning, the importance of avoiding distractions, and …. the possibility of the £1m phone call.

I would highly recommend this workshop if you find you are drifting, not achieving as much as you would like or feel the need to re-focus your energy and rediscover your ‘why’.”
Fiona Gustafson Usana Health Sciences

Effective Work Habits

Duration: ½ day workshop
Cost: £295 + vat
• Would you like to get more done in less time?
• Would you like an extra day a month just for you?
• Are you struggling with urgent vs important tasks?

Goal Setting Workshop

Duration: 1 hour workshop
Cost £49.95 + vat
• Do you have clearly defined business and personal goals?
• Would you like some support in achieving those goals?
• Identify the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving success?